Xbox Project Scarlett release date, specs and games confirmed for the Xbox Two

After years of speculation, Microsoft finally announced the Xbox Project Scarlett (affectionately dubbed the ‘Xbox Two‘) during its big E3 2019 keynote conference in June of this year. The next-gen Xbox promises to deliver native 4K games at 60 frames-per-second, a large solid state drive to ensure almost no load times and ray tracing on consoles.

UPDATE: Microsoft has announced it will be bringing its All Access Bundle back with an option to upgrade to Project Scarlett when it’s released and Ubisoft has confirmed 3 titles it will be launching on the system. 

We only have a few details on Microsoft’s next-generation hardware so far – even the moniker ‘Project Scarlett’ is a codename for now – but we do know it’s coming, when it’s coming, and a handful of the features and specs we can expect when it lands.

Faster and more graphically advanced than its predecessors, Xbox Project Scarlett promises to be the most powerful games console (or consoles) in the world by the time it launches late in 2020 – with custom built components from AMD, and an SSD drive at its heart allowing for innovative game development techniques. It’s unlikely to rival some of the top-end PCs when it launches next year (the PS5 certainly won’t) but it should offer a good price-to-performance ratio.

Microsoft ran a similar message when launching the Xbox One X a little over two years ago – which is still the most powerful console on the market – and it is now doubling down with its next-gen…