World Bank and LinkedIn data shows US attracting top tech talent from India, Venezuela and China

An analysis of a vast database created by the World Bank and LinkedIn finds that skills revolving around artificial intelligence and internet services were the most in-demand worldwide.

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The World Bank and LinkedIn have partnered up to create a searchable database of employment changes and talent movement worldwide, revealing a number of trends having far-reaching effects on the top tech talent in the United States.

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Researchers at the United Arab Emirates-based company Bayut parsed through the trove of information in the Digital Data for Development and found that three of the four industries gaining the most international talent in the United States involve technology. 

Internet services, information technology and computer software jobs have drawn thousands from countries across the world. India, Venezuela, China, and the Philippines top the list of countries with the most citizens making their way to the United States for technology jobs.

According to the data, American companies were looking for international candidates with skills in artificial intelligence, development tools, natural language processing, web development and software testing. 

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The survey was limited by the fact that it only had data for countries with at least 100,000 LinkedIn members by the end of 2017, but it still showed trends in how talent or skill needs ebbed and flowed throughout more than 100 countries.

“Moving to another state or country for a new job is no small feat,” the report said. “Some jobs require specific skills or talent that only certain…