Why you need an Apple Watch at work

If we don’t change our approach to office working environments, people in offices will end up with hunched backs, arthritic conditions and vision problems, a report warns. Is this why you need an Apple Watch at work?

Bad working environments are bad for productivity

New research from workspace solutions provider Fellowes offers several stats that may reflect the problem of poor working conditions:

  • Over 90% of office workers suffer health issues as a result of where they work. They all say it makes doing their work harder.
  • 50% of office workers suffer from strained eyes.
  • 49% have sore backs.
  • 48% endure headaches.

This is UK data, but I doubt it is much different anywhere else.

What makes this worse is the attitude some employers have to such complaints. Over 20% of workers who have asked for improvements in their working environments say their employer fails to take the complaint seriously.

The thing is, when you join the dots and recognize the costs of staff recruitment, retention and training and cross that against the costs of absence, illness and staff replacement, any failure to address these problems is almost certainly more costly than dealing with them.

Plus, of course, happy staff stick around longer and are way more productive.