Which technical website factors affect SEO success?

About the author

Charlie Whitworth is a well-known expert with 9 years’ experience in technical SEO. He currently leads a 10-strong organic search team at digital marketing agency, Banc, and is a well-known speaker and trainer on the conference circuit, having presented and run training sessions at numerous events include BrightonSEO (the industry’s largest, most well-known meeting).

Optimising on-page content, implementing keywords, and building relevant links may be the pillars of SEO, but technical factors which fly under the radar also impact your campaigns. While Google has moved in a more user-centric direction with its most recent updates, optimising technical elements can pay dividends in boosting rankings, engagement and conversions on your site.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to technical SEO; an e-commerce site would have a far different priority list to an SME brochure site, for example. So, we would advise caution when applying what you think are silver bullets to every campaign, as these are unlikely to have the same impact for every type of business and website. 

This will also depend on the SEO health of the site, as some recommendations are fixes and others, enhancements. A prudent plan can only be established following a thorough audit of the website, its Google Search Console account and server log files.

That said, there are technical SEO factors that come up time and again which can garner significant improvements, making your…