What happens after Windows 7’s retirement?

The Redmond doctor came into the room, huffed a chair into place, but wouldn’t meet Windows 7’s eyes, just stared at the desk. “I’m afraid it’s bad news,” the physician said.

Windows 7 let out a long sigh.

“It’s terminal,” the M.D. said. As if Windows 7 hadn’t known it was on borrowed time since July 2015. That scare in the fall of 2012 had been irksome, nothing more. But then three years later, the end was clearly in sight. And here it was.

“Ten weeks,” the doctor said, gazing out the window at the fall leaves. “Maybe eleven. But then….”

What happens to Windows 7 then?

Nothing immediately.

The operating system will continue to work or not, as it did or didn’t, for each user the day before support retirement. That’s important to remember, if only because some still don’t — assuming that after midnight on Jan. 14, 2020, the OS screeches to a stop.