Watchmen episode two guide: all the moths, flashbacks, and UFOs explained

The Watchmen TV series is now dropping episodes weekly, with Season One Episode Two now having aired on HBO – with a slight delay to those watching in UK or Australia. (Not seen the first one yet? Find out how to watch Watchmen online.)

The TV adaptation / sequel (brought by show creator Damon Lindelof) to the 1980s Watchmen comics certainly has more masked heroes, sci-fi elements, and more information about the world

But, as ever, the follow up Watchmen episode contained as many questions as it did answers, and so we’ve put together the key questions from episode two that you might have after watching the episode (or just to get a head start beforehand).

If you still feel like you’re in too deep, with no idea what’s going on, we recommend this Watchmen beginner’s guide for a run-down of the key events and figures from the original comics. Otherwise, read on for the most important – or bewildering – things we saw in Watchmen episode two.

And yes, there are spoilers ahead.

Letters from the sky: what were they about?

While Watchmen episode two doesn’t revisit the events of the Tulsa race riot directly, we do see an earlier scene set during World War One, when William’s father is serving in the US military. 

Anti-US propaganda is dropped out of air vehicles, with messages questioning the US’ treatment of persons of color as second-class citizens – in order to demotivate soldiers or attract defectors to the German cause. 

It’s one of these sheets of paper on which he writes “WATCH OVER THIS BOY” when sending his son to safety out of Tulsa.

(Image credit: HBO / TechRadar)

Why is Angela hiding what happened?

One of the curious character choices in the episode is how Regina King’s Angela doesn’t turn in William straight away, despite him claiming credit for the death of the police chief.

It’s clear there’s more going on than meets the eye, and the idea of the chief (a close friend of hers) having “skeletons in his closet” is clearly enough to keep her from turning him in immediately – and that’s well before she finds out William is her…