Watchmen episode one: 10 key questions answered

The Watchmen TV series has finally landed on our screens – the first episode of it, at least. And if you’ve skimmed through our Watchmen beginner’s guide, you’ll have a decent understanding of how the original Watchmen comics have cast a shadow over the action.

But the best TV shows are never easy, and you might be wondering what to make of Watchmen episode one – or if there’s something you missed while texting, blinking, or chatting about the show in your living room.

This page will guide you through the key questions you may have about Watchmen episode one – obviously with some spoilers – or discover how to catch up with our guide on how to watch Watchmen online

1. What’s all this about the Seventh Cavalry?

The story kicks off 30 years after the events of the graphic novel, which is taken as canon for the events happening onscreen. In an alternate timeline to our own, masked vigilantes not only exist, but are treated as outlaws. At the same time, state police officers resort to donning masks themselves to protect their own identities in the fight against a band of white supremacists, the Seventh Cavalry – who, much like show creator Damon Lindelof, have riffed on their source material, taking the writings of the deceased character Rorscach as gospel for their racist ideology.

We’ve seen at least one police officer killed by the group, and the police force has been granted access to more firepower to meet this threat.

(Image credit: HBO / DC Comics)