Voxi Mobile is cutting the cost of 5G with a selection of Pay As You Go contracts

Youth network Voxi, from Vodafone, has today announced that it will be offering the top speeds of 5G with the low commitment of Pay As You Go. That means you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of no contract while still accessing the fastest smartphone network speeds available in the UK.

Head straight to Voxi to find out more about Pay As You Go 5G

Despite 5G phone deals offering speeds up to ten times faster than 4G, you don’t have to pay that much of an increase. Voxi will also offer an Endless Data plan with an introductory price of £30 which will last until February 2020 when it jumps to the standard price of £35. 

Since Voxi offers 5G as standard, that means you won’t need to do anything to get the speed when you sign-up. Vodafone provides the network infrastructure which offers the 5G to its Voxi customers spanning 77 towns and cities in the UK and Europe, with 30 of those inside the UK.

The Voxi 5G offering will come with three phone options:

Prices start at £23 per month and jump up to £53 per month for the top end option, including the new unlimited data plan.

What is Voxi?

Voxi is an MVNO. That stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator – in other words, it uses another network’s coverage and speeds (Vodafone in this instance).

While this all sounds like a convoluted way to say Voxi won’t be able to keep up with the big names when it comes to speeds, all it really means is that you’ll be getting the same speeds, coverage and areas as those on Vodafone.