VMware rolls out new Carbon Black security suite and Dell partnership

The company announced at VMworld 2019 Europe in Barcelona how it will integrate Carbon Black into its suite of tools.

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After announcing a deal for the cloud security company Carbon Black for $2.1 billion in August, VMware this week  revealed how it would be integrated into the larger Dell framework at VMworld 2019 Europe in Barcelona.

Dell, which owns the majority shares of VMware, is making Carbon Black its preferred endpoint security solution, which now will be provided it to its millions of commercial customers.  

VMware also unveiled VMware Workspace Security, which melds VMware tools with Carbon Black products to provide a suite of security tools to make things easier for customers. 

The cloud computing and virtualization software company said there will be an entirely new slate of security options from Carbon Black that included three packages: Carbon Black Endpoint Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. These come with threat-hunting capabilities, antivirus tools, incident response systems and endpoint protection. 

During a media call, Patrick Morley, senior vice president of VMware Carbon Black, said the incorporation of Carbon Black was integral to a changing mindset across the industry.

“We’re really excited to join VMware and one of the core reasons we joined VMware from an independent company is because security really needs to be intrinsically built into the stack. As a provider and as a cloud provider for a number of years, we were in a position where we could see how organizations were attacking the problem of security,” he said.

“So what is exciting about the combination of Carbon Black and VMware is that I think there are very few security companies that have a meaningful presence…