Trello looks to streamline tasks with template galleries, automation

Trello is adding new template features and automation capabilities to its work management app in a bid to help users reduce time spent on easily replicable tasks. 

The company, owned by Australian software company Atlassian, today unveiled template galleries that showcase Trello boards curated by a variety of customers, including Grand Hyatt Hotels, UNICEF and Zoho. It also touted numerous project boards created internally by Trello and Atlassian workers.

Users can read a description of each board and how it functions, get details about any power-ups and integrations used, and view an embedded version of the board. They can also try out the entire board and create their own version of it with one click. 

Today’s announcement builds on the company’s now-defunct Inspirations page, a section of Trello’s website that highlights customer templates. Moving templates into the app should make them more accessible, said Trello product manager Justin Gallagher. (The template gallery is accessed from the left-hand side bar of the app.)

trello card templateTrello

Card templates, which allow teams to standardize cards on their boards, are available to all users.

Trello also wants to make it easier for users to create and deploy their own board and card templates without having to copy board and card information. As a result, common processes such as on-boarding new customers should be easier to replicate

“One of the hardest things for teams is just getting going,” said Gallagher. “Sometimes that is because there is a lot of setup to do, and sometimes it is because you are not quite sure how to get started. We’ve seen that board and card templates can really help a lot with both of those things.”