Top 4 things stakeholders expect from project teams

There are many types of stakeholders, and while each may expect different things from project teams, here are the four things they all want.

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The success of projects depends heavily on the people involved and the strength of the relationships. There are other factors, including project methodologies, software and tools, and techniques, that make it easier for us to achieve our goals; however, project success can only be achieved through effective collaboration and cooperation between project participants and other stakeholders. 

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Stakeholders can be any person or group that can influence a project or be affected by it. Once you gain a clear understanding of who your stakeholders are, the question each project manager and their team members need to ask is, do I know exactly what our stakeholders expect from us? 

Seldom do stakeholders’ expectations come as a big surprise, though some of the most critical ones can get lost when teams are in a hurry to focus on project tasks and processes. These four stakeholder expectations should be at the top of the list.

  1. Your project team understands stakeholders’ needs.

Understanding your stakeholders’ needs isn’t optional–it is the foundation on which your project work is based. You need to understand not only what each stakeholder needs but also as much as you can what drives them. Ask your stakeholders what success looks like to them. What are some of their biggest concerns? How do they approach challenges?

When it comes to difficult stakeholders, it is especially important to understand their points of view. You can try to put yourself in their situations, but it is not a substitute for getting direct feedback. Talking with stakeholders about directly relevant topics is time and energy well invested because it…