This month’s Windows and Office security patches: Bugs and solutions

October started out on an extraordinarily low note. On Oct. 3, Microsoft released an “out of band” security update to protect all Windows users from an Internet Explorer scripting engine bug, CVE-2019-1367, once thought to be an imminent danger to all things (and all versions) Windows.

It was the third attempt to fix that security hole and each of the versions brought its own set of bugs.

What? You haven’t heard of any CVE-2019-1367 exploits in the wild? Me, neither. What was once the bogeyman du jour, topic of many local TV station warnings and plenty of PC-busting online screams of terror, turned into another…meh.

Since then, we’ve had the usual crop of two cumulative updates (security and “optional”) for each current version of Windows 10, as well as monthly rollups, security-only patches and monthly rollup previews for Win7 and 8.1. Pretty typical.

Here’s the rest of the story.

Lingering problems with Win10 1903 Start and Search

start menu errorMicrosoft

Günter Born opines that this bug is a retrograde mistake from an earlier buggier patch, KB 4512941, the second (“optional,” non-security) August Win10 1903 patch released on August 30. Whatever its origin – and in spite of Microsoft’s claim that it has fixed the bug – I’m seeing lots of reports that it’s still breaking systems.