This month’s Win10 1903 patch throws ‘unexpected error; quitting’ and doesn’t play well with an Intel video driver

If you installed this month’s first Win10 version 1903 cumulative update, KB 4517389, you may be in for a couple of surprises.

Mark Busby on AskWoody reported a strange bug shortly after the patch was released:

After installing KB4517389 on these Windows systems, when opening 16-bit applications an error message is displayed “unexpected error; quitting.” …  After removing the update the application works fine once more.

JoJones4 nailed the problem on the Microsoft Answers forum

I have a Windows 10 Home 1903 32bit machine.

After installing the windows update KB4517389 any programs that were coded in Microsoft Visual Basic 3 no longer run and give the message ‘unexpected error; quitting.’ This message appears to be part of VBRUN300.DLL. If I uninstall the update the programs work ok again.

I have tried running these programs as administrator but this makes no difference.

Although the replies from Microsoft on the Answers Forum weren’t much help, it now seems that 32-bit versions of Windows won’t run older Visual Basic 3.0 programs — at least, programs that require the 1990s-era VBRUN300.DLL runtime. 

The only solution appears to be uninstalling the latest patch. Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the bug on its Release Status Information page, so it isn’t clear if Microsoft is even aware of the problem — and it’s anybody’s guess if it’ll ever get fixed.

The second problem — a driver incompatibility problem, apparently with an Intel driver — was the subject of a post by Mayank Parmar at Windows Latest. Parmar cites dozens of complaints online that boil down to this: