This is how the John Lewis guarantee will improve your Black Friday deals shopping

When you find a great Black Friday deal, you can often be so caught in the adrenaline of it, that you forget all the extra costs that your purchase will entail

The main one, that often costs a lot more than you’d think, is a guarantee. Thankfully, there’s a retailer that has its own guarantee – John Lewis.

John Lewis offers a range of guarantees for purchases you make, whether it’s in store or online, which range from two years to 15 years depending on what you buy. These will let you do your John Lewis Black Friday shopping in peace, knowing a major expense and worry is covered.

So what are these guarantees, and which products are protected for how long? We’ll run you through the different guarantees John Lewis offers on its products, to help you understand what you could be getting come Black Friday.

John Lewis guarantees explained 

The best John Lewis guarantee on tech purchases you’ll be able to find is on a new TV, as they’ll be protected for five long years (and maybe we’ll have all our Netflix zapped into our brain at that point anyway). 

This means you can make the most of the Black Friday TV deals, happy in the knowledge that your TV is future-proof against any failures.

If you’re going for the best Black Friday laptop deals, you’re going to be able to enjoy two years of John Lewis guarantee on any computer you pick up from John Lewis. If you go to a physical John Lewis store this is also applicable, and it may be worth testing out the computer before you buy,…