This Call of Duty: Modern Warfare preorder comes with a double XP bonus

If you’re after a Call of Duty Modern Warfare preorder, make sure you get the most bang for your buck – literally. With a preorder from Walmart or Game you can kickstart your new Modern Warfare career by doubling up on XP for three hours of gameplay. That means a huge boost in progress straight from the off and an impressive head start before the rest of the world has even dusted off the M13. 

Modern Warfare returns classic Call of Duty gameplay to Infinity Ward, but with a brand new progression system, that initial boost of XP may come in handy. As you climb the Enlisted Ranks you’ll also be able to rank individual weapons. While it’s unclear at the moment if your double XP can also be attributed to the guns you use, the Modern Warfare preorder bonus is a good chance to supercharge your preferred weapon. 

Before you storm headfirst into a wealth of XP, it’s worth remembering that this promotion limits its use to an hour a day. This may be a blessing in disguise, however, as those first few chaotic hours of Call of Duty’s launch will likely hinder your ability to make the most of your XP boost. So, while you may want to rank up as soon as possible, you might be better off holding off until things have settled down. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare preorder deal – USA

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with 3 hours of 2XP | $59.99 at Walmart
Grab your Call of Duty Modern Warfare PS4 / Xbox One preorder through Walmart and enjoy three hours of double XP in multiplayer modes. Plus, PS4 features Special Ops Survival Mode, a co-operative wave-based mode that is currently exclusive to Sony’s system. You can cash in your boosted XP hours any time until 10/25/2024, so there’s no need to rush straight in on launch day and potentially waste your earnings. Linked here is the PS4 preorder deal, but this offer is also available for Xbox at Walmart.
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If you’re not fussed about the extra XP offer, you might as well shop around before grabbing your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Best Buy are currently offering the PS4 and Xbox One preorder for the standard $59.99 but with a $10…