The Pixel 4’s power-plunging puzzle

Fountains of virtual ink have been spilled over the Pixel 4’s stamina and how the phone’s battery life isn’t all that it could be.

Me? After living with the Pixel 4 for a few weeks now, I’m not quite as down on its staying power as some folks were whilst working up early reviews of the device. I think somewhere between “okay” and “borderline acceptable” sums up my experience with the phone’s endurance thus far: I’m consistently making it through what I’d call full typical days for me, at this point, but I’m sometimes cutting it closer than I’d like by the end of the day — something that certainly doesn’t inspire confidence about how the phone might fare when I’m traveling or having another sort of day with unusually high usage.

I’ve heard from quite a few folks who bought the Pixel 4 and are having similarly adequate experiences in the stamina department — part of the inevitable variance that comes with battery life, given the differences in how we all use our phones, and perhaps also the effect of Android’s Adaptive Battery system kicking in as the software starts to optimize its power consumption — but still, I don’t think anyone would describe the device’s battery life as exemplary. And I’d say there’s little real question that it could, and arguably should, be better.

Well, something came to my attention with the phone’s power-related performance this week, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s at least part of the problem.

It’s all about the Pixel 4’s standby power consumption — the way the phone burns through battery life when it’s idle and you aren’t actively using it. And it’s really quite baffling.

Since 2015’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow release, y’see, Android has had a power management system called Doze in place. Doze is designed to make sure your phone uses the absolute minimum amount of power required whenever it’s unplugged, completely still, and with its screen off. It basically puts your phone into a deep sleep when it’s idle and allows only critical, high-priority tasks to take place.