The cheapest AirPod prices, sales, and deals in October 2019

If you’re looking for the best AirPods price, you’ve come to the right place, because we have the best Apple AirPods deals listed below, including orders for the Apple AirPods (2019)Update: you might have just heard though, Apple has just announced the new AirPods Pro, which you can already pre-order over at Walmart (more on those soon).

We’re all about ditching those irritating cables to charge our devices, so we’ve found the latest discounted prices for the Apple AirPods with the wireless charging case too. It costs a little more, but we think it’s worth it to be honest. 

It’s actually pretty rare to find Apple’s wireless earbuds on sale, simply because it’s one of the most in-demand items. In fact, it was one of the hottest products last year and sold out on a regular basis. Stock levels are improved nowadays, so we’re confident of being able to find you a deal.

Also, every time there’s a decent AirPods deal, they get snapped up quickly, which isn’t great news for those of you looking for a big discount. The AirPods’ price is undeniably high, but we’re in familiar territory here given Apple’s reputation for premium items with the cost to match.

If you’ve picked up a modern iPhone that’s dumped the traditional headphone jack, the Apple AirPods rank amongst the best earphones to pair with your new phone. Although, as they’re bluetooth, you can pair them with plenty of other mobile phones too and even laptops. If you’re thinking of getting a new phone too, check out the…