The best Ultrabooks 2019: the best thin and light laptops

The best ultrabooks are sophisticated, slim and light, but there’s more to them than just being a status symbol. Within those slim chassis reside some surprising power, making them unusual but welcome workhorses for productive and creative endeavors.

Not even considering all that power, the race to be thinnest among the best ultrabooks means that they’re perfect for those constantly on the go. They won’t hurt your back as you cart them around and can easily fit into a messenger bag or backpack.

Because they come packed with the best processors and SSDs, you can expect to throw a hefty workload at them and still get results. And while they’re not ideal for heavy gaming or video editing, their performance will still impress you. The best ultrabooks often couple that performance with excellent battery life, meaning you can wait until you’re done gallivanting around town to recharge.

Whether it’s from the usual suspects like Dell and HP, or newer contenders like Razer and Huawei, we have quite a selection of the best ultrabooks for you to dig into, all of which have been tested and reviewed.

Once you’re done with this list, you’ll know which is the best ultrabook for you.

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