The best iPad apps of 2019

Apps set the iPad apart from other tablets, whether you need to work on office tasks, learn something new, make music, watch a movie or become a digital artist.

But which apps are worth your cash and time? We’ve tested thousands to come up with our definitive list of the best apps for iPad right now.

You’ll find them split into categories on the following pages, but first see below for our favorite iPad app of the last two weeks.

iPad app of the week: Fantastical 2 ($9.99/£9.99/AU$14.99)

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Fantastical 2 might seem redundant, given that Apple bakes a solid calendar app into iPadOS. However, this third-party iPad app betters Apple’s in two key areas: language parsing and data presentation.

When creating events, you can use natural language and watch the event build as you type. This lessens the likelihood of scheduling mistakes. When it comes to browsing events, the endless feed is especially useful. This view allows you to scroll through events, past and present, without manually switching days. 

Fantastical works with existing calendar data, and supports Slide Over and multi-window views, which gives you a range of setup options. In Slide Over, it neatly augments Apple’s app as a pure events viewer. Or you can use that mode alongside Fantastical’s own week viewer for a more global view of everything you need to get done.