Tesco Mobile kicks off its Black Friday sale with cheap Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS deals

With Black Friday now just weeks away, retailers across the world are pulling out the big guns and offering some top-notch mobile phone deals. The latest to join the ranks is Tesco Mobile, offering some of the cheapest prices around on top Samsung and Apple handsets.

Two promotions especially stand out from Tesco’s early Black Friday phone deals – the iPhone XS Max and Samsung’s Galaxy S10. Normally, these are both some of the market’s most expensive devices but Tesco Mobile has managed to knock prices way down.

Head to Tesco Mobile to take advantage of these deals 

With the iPhone XS Max costing just £41.49 a month/ and the Samsung Galaxy S10 coming in at £29.99/pm, These are some truly cheap deals (for these devices). Obviously, at a price this cheap there is a catch of some sort – your contract will last for 36 months.

But, if you don’t mind that additional year on your contract, Tesco can land you a cheap contract on both of the above phones as well as an impressively low monthly price of just £17.49 on the Samsung Galaxy A50.

These Tesco Mobile phone deals in full:

How does a 36 month contract work?

Tesco Mobile is often able to offer some of the cheapest mobile phone deals around, but this is mainly due to its 36 month contracts. At its base, this is just exactly what it sounds like – a three year plan. 

But, while some might find a 36 month contract to be a bit heavy on commitment, for others it will be perfect. You’ll get the same cheap bills for three years and…