Take advantage of LinkedIn to prepare for interviews and meetings

What has happened to the promised Outlook-LinkedIn integration? To make it more pervasive, Microsoft has changed direction — but ironically it’s become harder to find.

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Last year, Microsoft and LinkedIn announced that you would be able to see LinkedIn details about people you’re going to meet right in the Outlook calendar, to help you prepare for the conversation. Knowing someone’s job title and where they’ve worked in the past should give you a much clearer idea how to work productively with them — or what they might ask you about if you’re going for an interview.

When you get to that awkward point when the interviewer asks what questions you have, knowing what their job is should help you ask a question they can answer usefully.

You can even see if your networks have anyone in common, who you could ask for advice about how to deal with them.

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Outlook is a great place to put information about people, because it’s where you go to communicate. Connecting your email address book and your LinkedIn network should save a lot of time: instead of having to go to LinkedIn, find the person you want to email, clicking on their contact info and copying their email address, you can just type their name and use their profile image and job title to make sure that yes, this is the right Jane Smith. Over the years, Outlook has had several different social connectors and add-ins to bring in your social network: this integration is just the latest way of doing it, and the integration is going deeper.

It’s also going to be available in the Share dialog in Office apps like Word…