Slack rolls out new Salesforce integrations, launches Workflow Builder

Slack has added new integrations with Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service apps, part of its ongoing push to bolster connections with other “best of breed” cloud apps.

The integrations are aimed at enabling better information-sharing between Salesforce and the team collaboration app, which now has 12 million daily active users. Slack now lets users search and preview Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud records such as accounts and opportunities in app by using a slash command to pull up details.

Other features include the ability to send Salesforce records relating to an account or case directly to an individual Slack user or a channel, such as #customer-support, for instance. In addition, sales and service reps using Salesforce will be able to see Slack conversations related to a Salesforce record.

“The main advantage is more seamless collaboration in the course of their sales and their service work,” said Brad Armstrong, vice president of corporate and business development at Slack.  “Salesforce cares very much about engagement with their product and sales is a very collaborative process.” 

In addition to the latest integration efforts between the two platforms there are plans to connect Slack with Salesforce Platform. Slack’s first integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud took place in 2016; it has been used by tens of thousands of teams, said Armstrong.

Partnerships are a major focus for Slack, which has more than 1,800 third-party integrations in its App Directory. It has, for example, integrations with other SaaS vendors such as Workday’s HR platform, SAP’s Concur and SuccessFactors, and various Oracle tools.  The company also announced a closer integration with Zoom at its Frontiers conference this year, all part of its  strategy to better compete with the likes of Microsoft, Google and Cisco, which sell subscriptions to a suite of apps.