Security lessons from a Mac-only fintech company

Apple remains a highly secure choice for enterprise professionals, but security threats remain and the environment requires sophisticated endpoint management tools, according to Build America Mutual (BAM) CTO David McIntyre.

The Mac only bank

BAM, one of the leading U.S. municipal bond insurers, has insured more than $65 billion since its launch in 2012. It also has the rare distinction of being a fintech firm that is completely based on Macs.

In fact, it has been an Apple-based enterprise since the start.

“The founders all use Macs at home,” McIntyre explained. “We said, ‘Let’s try to build a financial firm that uses Macs.””

When the company launched, it also found that most of its potential employees used Macs, so it made even more sense to standardize around Apple’s platforms. “We thought it would be easier and would let a small team support the employees,” he said.

McIntyre spoke at last week’s Jamf JNUC event to talk about the recently announced Jamf Protect endpoint security solution, as noted here and here.