Score a free pair of AirPods with Carphone Warehouse’s huge range of iPhone deals

AirPods and iPhones – two items sure to be on any Apple devotee’s list this Black Friday. But if you’re concerned about the cost of lumping out a load of cash to buy both separately, Carphone Warehouse is now pairing both the latest iPhones and Apple’s wireless earbuds in one easy bundle.

This is a promotion that Carphone Warehouse has had going for a week or two but, until now, you could only get those free buds with Apple’s iPhone 11 range. Now, the floodgates have been opened and this offer is available across a range of Apple products.

Want to go all out on the iPhone 11 Pro Max? You can. Aiming to meet cost and specs halfway with the iPhone XR? Sure, why not. Or even drop your prices and get both your phone and AirPods at an affordable price with the iPhone 7? It’s all possible.

With such a huge range of possible iPhone deals to choose from, we can’t go through each option but we can tell you the standout choice and its an iPhone 11. You can see this number one pick from us below or head straight to Carphone to see the full range of choices