Remo Tech harnesses the power of AI with the Obsbot Tail AI camera

Remo Tech’s Obsbot Tail AI camera offers superior motion-tracking capabilities.


Ant Pruitt

Video creators are always looking for the best camera option for their creative projects whether it’s for a short interview, a vlog, or smooth B-roll. Remo Tech sent me its crowd-funded AI camera the Obsbot Tail AI camera several months ago prior to its official release for review. Claiming to be the world’s first auto-director  AI camera, I was curious to see just how good the motion-tracking artificial intelligence (AI) was and if this device actually improves video directing. In short, it’s pretty, dadgum impressive.

Obsbot Tail specs

More about artificial intelligence

I gave a
brief preview of the Obsbot Tail
. To recap, the camera is mounted on a base and is approximately six inches in total height weighing roughly one pound. The mount also includes a swivel head for full 360-degree rotation as well as a gimbal to stabilize video capture. Video resolution goes as high as UHD (3840×2160) at 60 frames per second, up to 14mm focal length and a 2.4 aperture for low-light conditions. It uses USB-C for charging and a micro SD card for storage. With regards to the SD card, I recommend using a class 10 card for better performance.

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From a software standpoint, the Obsbot Studio mobile app (available for free on iOS and Android) allows you to control the camera with your touch screen to handle filters, panning, zooming, and other camera tools. It connects to your mobile device using the camera’s WiFi antenna and provides a live view of what the Obsbot Tail sees through its lens.

Using the Obsbot Tail is fairly straight-forward and easy now that the app…