Rare PS4 Pro bundle price drop: it’s $299 at Walmart ahead of Black Friday

The PS4 Pro is rarely on sale with a decent price, and it certainly never comes with a free game at a great discount either – until today, five days before Black Friday 2019.

That’s right, the PS4 Pro bundle with Call of Duty Modern Warfare costs $299.99 at Walmart right now, and last we checked, it’s in stock. That’s not going to last, as it’s usually priced at $399.99 for the Sony console alone. Add another $59.99 for the new CoD game, and you’re usually paying $459.98.


PS4 Pro bundle with CoD Modern Warfare: $459.98 $299.99 at Walmart
This may be sold out by the time you click on the link, but if it isn’t, this is the lowest price we’ve seen for a PS4 – with out without a game included. So, yeah, this one’s a pre-Black Friday steal.View Deal


PS4 Pro bundle: $399.99 $299.99 at Walmart
This is the one to get at the same price (and sans the game) if you can’t find the CoD bundled version in stock. It’s still an amazing deal we may or may not see come Black Friday through Walmart.View Deal

A savings of $159.99 is probably the best Walmart Black Friday deal you’re going to see for the PS4 Pro. And we would know, we’ve been on the hunt for PS4 Pro deals since Sony first launched the souped-up video game console. 

We’re fairly confident of two things; 1) that this is a great deal and 2) it won’t actually last very long in Walmart’s inventory system. Most times, deals like this sell out and drum up a lot of press, so get this one while you can.

Finding this PS4 Pro price drop has been the best Black Friday news we’ve seen so far, and it may stay that even when the official November 29 date rolls around. It’s that big of a deal among gamers eager to play with Sony’s console without paying through the nose for the better graphics.

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