PrivSec conference highlights CISO concerns and future data privacy laws

The conference, hosted by Columbia University, brought together CISOs, lawmakers, academics, and businesses to discuss GDPR, CCPA, and data privacy in all its forms.

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Hundreds of people working in the data privacy field congregated at New York City’s Columbia University last week to discuss new privacy laws at the PrivSec Conference, which was hosted by the Data Protection World Forum for the first time in the United States.

Attendees had two full days of lectures, panels, and presentations on the ever-evolving data privacy landscape in the United States and abroad.

Nick James, CEO and founder of the Data Protection World Forum, said the conference was originally born out of concerns, fears, and doubts raised four years ago about the EU’s GDPR. After spending a month organizing a quick conference, and then another and another, James and the Data Protection World Forum realized there was a huge demand for data privacy information and best practices. 

“As a result of GDPR, so many other countries have bolstered their own data protection and privacy regulations. But the GDPR made it so that people understood that privacy and security are two sides of the same coin,” James said. 

“I’ve run conferences and events for 30 years,” he continued. “This is the only subject matter where you cannot define the job title. With most conferences you know what you’ll get, but here, you get the complete breadth of an organization. The CEO, COO, head of compliance, head of legal, finance directors–then right down to include specialists like the CPO and the DPOs and the CISOs.”

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Much of the conference was designed to give industry…