Peak Design’s Travel Tripod game changer for photographers



Back in June, I shared my thoughts on 
the newly announced Travel Tripod
 from the folks at Peak Design. I was enthused about the innovative offerings this camera accessory company brought to the table–especially with regards to an important photography tool such as a tripod. On paper, it seems as if Peak Design thought about the “little things” a photographer needs when using a tripod on the go. 

Recently, I got some real-world, hands-on time with this new tripod prototype. And all I can say is–unbelievable.

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Compelling industrial design

Peak Design shipped me its carbon fiber pre-production version of its tripod. First, let’s look at the actual size of the Travel Tripod. This full-size tripod collapses down for compact packing and traveling. No big deal. That’s what travel tripods are supposed to do, right? What surprised me was the extent at which the tripod collapsed. When folded down, the Travel Tripod is roughly two inches longer than my Joby GorillaPod — an mini tripod. Not only that, the circumference of the Travel Tripod is roughly the size of a water bottle. 

Unlike other tripods, or the GorillaPod, this travel tripod fits with ease into the side pouches on my backpack, which is designed for water bottles or tripods. Granted, my backpack of choice is the Peak Design 30L Everyday Backpack, so it only makes sense that it’s a perfect fit. 

The ball head mount (Figure A) is not perfect, but it’s definitely much easier to use than some other ball heads on the market due to its design. There are three components to consider on the ball head: The quick release, the locking ring, and the adjustment ring. The adjustment ring allows you to rotate and tilt the ball head to your desired setting and lock it securely in place….