Overwatch 2 could arrive at BlizzCon with a better story and a new game mode

Overwatch 2 is set to be unleashed at BlizzCon this coming weekend, at least according to a BlizzCon training document obtained by ESPN (and an inside source who whispered in their ear, to boot).

The supposed sequel, which has seen several rumors flying around in the past, will include new game modes and PvE content, as well as new maps and heroes, ESPN revealed.

Apparently there will be a major focus on story and narrative elements, and the PvE (cooperatively fighting computer-controlled enemies, as opposed to fighting other players or PvP) will throw a four-player squad into a full-on ‘story experience’ set in Rio de Janeiro.

ESPN reckons that this PvE effort will be available to play at BlizzCon, along with a new game mode called ‘Push’ (and one new hero will be playable, too).

Push it

Apparently Push will take place on a new map which is based on Toronto, and it will be available alongside the existing Assault, Control, Escort, Hybrid game modes.

No details were revealed about what Push might actually involve, but to hazard a guess from the title, it likely involves pushing a payload into enemy territory by taking control of it (and avoiding having it pushed into your territory).

The author of the ESPN story later tweeted that there is the distinct possibility that the game won’t actually be called Overwatch 2, but maybe something like Overwatch: Chapter 2 (indicating that it’s not so much a full-on sequel as a progressive expansion of the game, albeit a major…