Nissan’s Ariya concept lights up the Tokyo Motor Show

Concept cars are always a good bet if you’re a trying to drum up a bit of attention and get the crowds flocking to your booth. And, at Tokyo Motor Show this year there were plenty of them vying for pole position.

But while many of these weird and wonderful visions of the future are nothing more than designer dreams, Nissan was showcasing its Ariya Concept, which is actually a lot more developed than just being a funky creation on wheels. This is a car that could actually happen.

In fact, Nissan had two new concepts on display at the show, with the Ariya being presented alongside the IMk. This dinky little all-electric offering draws its main inspiration from the tiny Kei cars that proliferate Japan’s packed inner city streets, but adds a whole lot more inside the bijou box design.

Nissan Ariya interior

Nissan Ariya concept interior

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

While the shag pile carpet might not be for everyone, the IMk looks undeniably cool and would sit nicely at the compact end of the growing EV marketplace. The car is designed with Japan firmly in mind, and its main purpose would be for shorter journeys. Simple, but effective.

While the Nissan IMk remains a pure concept for the time being, its larger relative the Ariya, suggested company executives, is in a much more advanced stage of development. A crossover EV, which is set to feature twin electric motors, the imaginative new model has evolved from the Nissan IMx concept that debuted in Tokyo back in 2017.

The Ariya Concept revolves around…