Netflix to stop working on these devices from December 1. Check if you’re on the list!

One of the most popular media streaming platforms, Netflix, is lifting support from a bunch of devices starting December 1. The affected devices include Samsung smart TVs and Roku media players.

Netflix says that these devices will lose support for Netflix over “technical limitations.” Simply put, your go-to entertainment app that holds an essential position in your lifestyle will not work after December 1, 2019.

The only solution, according to Netflix, is that “you’ll need to switch to a compatible device before that date.”

Here are all the devices losing support for Netflix from December 1.

Samsung, on its support forum, revealed that its smart TVs from 2010 and 2011 with the words “C” or “D” after the screen size in model no. are all losing support for Netflix.

To check if your television unit is affected, you can find the Model Code at the back of the TV. Another way is to open Support from the list of menu options and select Contact Samsung. This will display the product information right on the TV screen.

If your TV unit has the letter “C” or “D,” you can either choose to upgrade your TV for streaming Netflix or give up binge-watching altogether.

Among the Roku media players that will be incompatible to play Netflix includes Roku XR, XD, SD, 2100X, 2050X, and 2000C. Additionally, all the devices that cannot auto-play the next episode in a title are set to lose Netflix support from the said date.

So, if you’re among the set of affected users and don’t want to stop…