Microsoft Office, data analytics, virtual assistant top most-wanted job skills

Freelancer’s Top 50 report looks at what employers want now — and tech skills are at the top of the list.

Video: How Microsoft’s new AI assistants fit in the market
At Microsoft Ignite, Gartner analyst Annette Zimmermann discussed how virtual assistants are taking over businesses.

It’s always good to be wanted. And, if you posses the key skills of data analytics,
Microsoft Office
, copy typing, or a virtual assistant, you are wanted very much. From just the previous quarter of 2019, employer demand has grown to 58% for data analysts, according to Freelancer’s Q3 2019 Fast 50 Report, which chronicles the world’s fastest growing and declining jobs on the global market place, and culls from posts from its more than 38 million users, 4.6 million of which are in the US.

Tech-related jobs are on the upswing, just as the US Labor Department reports a slow of 1.3% in the hiring of traditional jobs.

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Employers need skilled workers who can analyze and interpret data and identify emerging trends, as demonstrated by the bump from 1,114 to 1,770 data analytic jobs on

Employers are clearly growing more confident in virtual assistants, a position which rose from the tenth to the second fastest-growing skill in demand. The leap from 7,925 to 12,329 job openings represents a 56% increase in the popular job, which includes tasks from data entry to social-media posting. Demand for artificial intelligence (AI) skills increased globally, despite a quarterly decline for Matlab and Mathematica, mechanical engineering, and algorithm.

“The demand from data analytics indicates more savvy businesses are seeking these highly specialized freelancers to help determine business decisions that increase revenue, improve operations, respond to emerging market trends and gain a competitive…