Mac Pro 2019: everything we know about the most powerful Mac ever made.

Mac Pro 2019 was unveiled at Apple’s WWDC 2019 event, where the company showcased the latest update to its powerful professional PC, brimming with some of the latest high-end hardware to make it Apple’s most powerful machine for years.

The Mac Pro 2019 we saw at WWDC 2019 comes with up to a 28-core Intel Xeon processor, on top of 1.5TB of 6-channel ECC system memory, which means that you’ll be very hard pressed to find any task that’s too demanding for the new Mac Pro.

We caught a first glimpse at the new Mac desktop successor to the Mac Pro 2013, and you’ll be happy to hear that this model allows for modular upgrades, just in case having up to a 28-core Xeon processor doesn’t cut it for you down the line.

The Mac Pro 2019 features a stainless-steel frame that abandons the cylindrical ‘bin’ look of the 2013 model in favor of a more conventional tower chassis that hearkens back to older Mac Pro models. Visually though, the front and back are filled with uniquely designed vent holes, distinguishing it from the more traditional and cleaner look.

The power and design come together when you open up the computer from the top. You can lift off the aluminum housing for 360-degree access to just about every component.

Along with the Mac Pro 2019, Apple is also rolling out a new professional monitor – the Pro Display XDR – which comes with a matching design that compliments the Mac Pro 2019’s new look. This monitor features a 32-inch Retina 6K display (the world’s first), and boasts the next level in high-dynamic range (HDR) or what Apple calls Extreme Dynamic Range (or XDR).

This 32-inch 6K display comes with a Nano-Texture surface meant to reduce reflections without affecting the overall image quality.

Additionally, because every single LED is calibrated at the factory level for HDR, Apple is able to deliver high-dynamic range like never seen before. Apple achieves this by using a unique lattice cooling pattern on the back of the display in order to maintain 1,000 nits of brightness at all times – with 1,600 nits of peak brightness. This monitor is able to…