Leaders tout tech’s role in HR and the need for corporate purpose at Work Awesome conference

Executives from some of the largest corporations came together to discuss technology’s effect on modern work styles and hiring trends.

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The future of work was a hotly debated topic at Work Awesome NYC, a one-day event in late October featuring tech executives, senior HR officials, authors and professors. 

Speakers discussed the growing need for work to be tied to a distinctly expressed purpose. Modern workers, many of the panelists said, wanted to know the value of their effort and were increasingly seeking corporations with clearly defined values. 

“I’m one of the people that believes purpose and profit go together because purpose allows you to have a long-term plan for your business,” said Pooja Anand, head of people and leadership at Siemens. She was a featured speaker on the “Reskill, Upskill, Vanish? The Future Of Talent In The World’s Largest Organization.”

“But today, there’s so much disruption in the world. Everything changes; what is trending today is traditional tomorrow. How do you keep it consistent? For a company our size, with a diversified business portfolio across world, how do you unify everyone with one purpose? Because there are geopolitical, cultural and economic differences.”

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How the modern worker approaches employment

Experts also chewed on particularly thorny issues like the significant reduction in average employment tenure, automation’s effect on the workforce and whether corporations can ever truly give their employees true purpose.

Daniel Masata, president and founder of the tech hiring firm Volonte, was also on the panel and highlighted the vast changes…