Hurry! AirPods Pro deals sees lowest price yet on Amazon – but they’re selling fast

The Apple AirPods Pro have been out for less than a month, but that hasn’t stopped them from a price cut in time for the Black Friday 2019 sales.

As we write this, you can grab a set of Apple AirPods Pro for $234.98 from Amazon, and that comes with free shipping. That said, it’s worth acting fast, because AirPods are likely to come in and out of stock throughout the Black Friday period. 

It might only be a $15 saving on the original price of the AirPods Pro, but it’s significant given they’re so new. After all, when the original AirPods were released, we couldn’t find a bigger discount than $7.

If you’re not sure whether the new AirPods from Apple are for you, then head to our Apple AirPods Pro review to find out why we gave them 4 and a half stars out of 5 – and the damn things finally stay in our ears.

(LIMITED STOCK) Apple AirPods Pro: $249.99 $234.99 at Amazon
You asked for it and we delivered: a real-life deal on AirPods Pro with delivery just before Thanksgiving. Yes, that’s how limited this Black Friday AirPods deal is today – it sold out twice on us so far, and now it’s saying the AirPods won’t be delivered until December 3 – but if you can wait, that’s still a great price.View Deal

Will we see another saving? Well, it’s unlikely so close to the launch – so while it could happen, we expect things to not go much lower than this.

If you want to check the live prices, our widget below will help you find the best in your region – especially good if you’re not in the US and sad about missing out now…