How to watch His Dark Materials online: stream the new show from anywhere and for free

The time has come for the fantastic, epic trilogy of fantasy novels – the on screen adaptation of His Dark Materials as a series is finally premiering. Don’t want to miss what is set to be another incredible HBO show? Keep reading to find out how to watch His Dark Materials online – no matter where on Earth you are.

Yep, HBO (and the BBC) is bringing His Dark Materials to your screens and from the teaser trailer it’s set to be as epic as the novels. The short clip promises an eight part series with action, fantastical creatures, a search for the truth and more twists and turns than you could possibly imagine. 

Watch His Dark Materials online: when and where?

The original HBO series will be premiering on Monday, November 4 at 9/8c in the US on (you guessed it) HBO, while folk in the UK get it a night earlier (8pm GMT on Sunday).

The teaser trailer shows that the series follows the brilliant adventures of the characters in the Northern Lights, specifically focusing on the fierce hero Lyra Belacqua as she tries to find her kidnapped friends and unearth the plot behind these kidnappings. 

We can be sure to see some pretty impressive visual effects as there will be a variety of fantastical daemons – the physical manifestation of people’s souls. Set in an alternative universe, you can expect a series filled with mystery, intensity and the search for justice. As the series unravels, we’ll will see how instrumental Lyra becomes in all the chaos that descends upon their universe.

Can’t wait to watch? Keep reading to find out how to watch His Dark Materials online – no matter where in the world you are. For a change, it’s great news in the UK, where you get to see it first and for FREE!

Watch His Dark Materials online from outside your country:

If you’re away on vacation or just temporarily overseas when the show premieres, do not panic! You can still watch His Dark Materials online as it happens (or on catch up). Using a little handy trick, you can get around geo-restrictions and digital borders that would usually get in the way by using a VPN (assuming you don’t breach any…