How to use RoboForm to manage and synchronize your browser bookmarks

RoboForm is more than a password manager–you can also use it as a tool for syncing your browser bookmarks.


You can manage and synchronize your bookmarks across multiple browsers and devices using various third-party tools and add-ons, but if you already use RoboForm as your password manager, the ability to sync your bookmarks is built into the software. Using RoboForm, you import your bookmarks into its own password manager. Those bookmarks are automatically synchronized across any browser and any machine on which RoboForm is installed. Make a bookmark change in one browser or on one system, and it’s synced to all the others. Let’s see how this works.

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First, you should review the bookmarks in your default browser to make sure they’re organized and up to date so you can import them into RoboForm.

Next, right-click the RoboForm icon in the System Tray. From the popup menu, move to Tools and select Import (Figure A).

Figure A


Look for your default browser in the list. If your bookmarks are organized into individual folders, check the box to Sort Imported Data To Sub-folders, and then click the Import button (Figure B).

Figure B


After the bookmarks have been imported, click Done and then close the RoboForm window (Figure C).

Figure C


Open the browser you had selected. Click the RoboForm icon on your browser’s toolbar menu in the upper right. Click the entry for Bookmarks and move to the folder for Other Bookmarks. You should see all your imported bookmark folders and bookmarks (Figure D).

Figure D


The next thing you may want to do is better organize the imported bookmarks. For example, I moved all the bookmarks out of the Other Bookmarks folder and into the Home folder so I could access them more easily. To do this from the entry for RoboForm Bookmarks, click the Edit command (Figure E).

Figure E


In the RoboForm bookmarks editor, open the folder for Other…