How to use Apple TV in your office

While you may be familiar with using Apple TV at home, the devices also excel in office environments. Here are tips to configure and use Apple TV at work.


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Apple TV earned its reputation as an easy-to-use and compact residential set-top box, but the device adds convenience and functionality in corporate environments, too. Here’s how to configure and use Apple TV within an office.

First, join the Apple TV device to the organization’s secure wireless network. Confirm the network to which Apple TV is connected by going to Settings and selecting Network. The connected network name appears within the Connection section within the Wi-Fi entry. To change networks, click the Wi-Fi Network. Apple TV will scan for additional networks. Select the network you wish to join, should you need to change the connection, then enter the corresponding passkey to join.

Next, make Apple TV available to other Apple users. As long as other users are connected to the same wireless network as Apple TV, they should be able to use the corresponding connected monitor to display the document, spreadsheet, presentation, or application from their iOS device or macOS computer. The feature proves surprisingly helpful in conference rooms and offices.

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To enable other Apple users to connect to Apple TV, click Settings on the Apple TV device, select AirPlay and HomeKit, and ensure that AirPlay is enabled. Then, specify Anyone On The Same Network within the Allow Access section (Figure A).

Figure A


Apple TV permits requiring a password before users can access the display via AirPlay.

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Allow others to connect

I recommend locking down permissions to ensure only authorized users can access…