Hollywood hack job: How cybersecurity consultant for hit TV show “Mr. Robot” brought authenticity to actor Rami Malek’s character

James Plouffe, cybersecurity consultant for “Mr. Robot,” reveals how he helped make hacking a reality on the USA Network drama series starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater.

Video: Inside Mr. Robot’s cybersecurity secrets
James Plouffe, security advisor for Mr. Robot and Lead Architect at MobileIron, explains how the hit show lands its accurate portrayal of hacking.

As the taut plot of USA Network’s drama series “Mr. Robot” careens into its fourth and final season, the television show’s cybersecurity consultant, James Plouffe, is ready to reveal his role. 

Working behind-the-scenes for three seasons, Plouffe’s role was critical to give the show a cadence and timbre of the reality of the hacking world and enterprise IT, one that “Mr. Robot’s” lead character, Elliot Alderson, who is played by actor Rami Malek,  infiltrated, decimated, and feels compelled to resurrect. 

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Plouffe’s background in cybersecurity informed his input to “Mr. Robot’s” tech producer, Kor Adana (the so-called buffer between the tech consultants and actors). Plouffe consulted on seasons one to three, and his involvement came about rather organically, which he described in a way as cryptic as Mr. Robot’s machinations. 

He explained, “It started by demonstrating a
man-in-the-middle attack
to an intern, as a way to encourage the office free-loader to stop stealing departmental donuts, followed by a chance encounter in LAX, and a vague reference to a future need for help, and finally with a phone call that began, ‘You’re on speaker with the writers’ room, they have some questions…”https://www.techrepublic.com/” 

TV consulting is only a side-gig for Plouffe. His full-time job is working in technology and security strategy at MobileIron, which focuses “on securing the computing devices people…