Google Pixel 4 features that business users will need

Here’s what business users can expect from Google’s latest smartphone that was announced on October 15.

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As the world anxiously awaits Google officially unveiling its new slate of products, none are more anticipated than the Pixel 4. There have been dozens of leaks about the smartphones this year so we already have a fairly clear idea of what to expect for both Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL.

These are the features that business users will need to know about once they get the latest Pixel.

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New and improved Google Assistant

Earlier this month, 9to5Google got the advance scoop on one of Pixel’s most enticing features: a new and greatly improved Google Assistant.

They said Google was making a point to highlight the “multitasking potential of just being able to ask your phone to complete actions.” An example of this that was shown to them involved a person who is getting on a flight. When the person gets a text asking for an estimated time of arrival, you can ask Google Assistant to automatically pull up your itinerary and it can figure out which text chain to put it in all on its own.

The key is Google Assistant’s ability to not only control other apps but move back and forth between them just through voice commands.

Project Soli

In July, Google said in a blog post that they have been hard at work on a motion-sensing radar called Soli. 

“We’ve developed a miniature version located at the top of Pixel 4 that senses small motions around the phone, combining unique software algorithms with the advanced hardware sensor, so it can recognize gestures and detect when you’re nearby,” according to the blog post, which published in July. 

With Soli, Pixel 4 users will be…