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If you are trying to decide which smart home hub to buy, read our comprehensive guide about Google Home to learn about one of the biggest names in this market.

Google Home: Is it the right choice for your smart office or business?
Powered by Google’s AI-driven Assistant, Google Home is much more than a consumer device. Here’s what business pros need to know about Google’s smart speakers.

PC vs. Mac and iPhone vs. Android are giving way to an all-out battle between smart home hubs, with Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo Wi-Fi speaker dominating the market. The Google Assistant-powered Google Home has an uphill battle to exceed the sales of Amazon’s Echo smart speakers.

Amazon’s dominance–and the dominance of its third-party Alexa partners–doesn’t mean there isn’t room for Google in this market. Google Home has plenty of unique characteristics that make it worth buying to use at the office or home.

TechRepublic’s cheat sheet about Google Home is an introduction to this smart home hub. We will update this article periodically as new hardware and software are released. (Editor’s note: This article was first published in February 2017.)

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Executive summary

  • What is Google Home? Google Home is Google’s entry into the smart home hub field. It is a small speaker tower that is activated via voice commands. Google Home can search the web and perform other functions added by third-party Actions.
  • Why does Google Home matter? Google has been a proponent of AI and machine learning for a while. Google Home represents what is likely to be the future of Google: On-demand access to personalized information. Google’s ecosystem is vast, and Google Home smart speakers are yet another way to take advantage of it.
  • Who is the target audience for Google Home? Google Home may seem like a consumer product, but it’s usable by businesses as well. Consumers will use Google…