Google adds new AI-powered assistive features to G Suite

New tools allow users to write faster, receive tailored suggestions, and reduce grammatical errors.

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Google announced on Thursday new assistive features in G Suite. These new components, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, bring more assistive writing tools to Google Docs and expand the power of Google Assistant for G Suite businesses, according to the press release. 

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The press release outlined the most exciting features users can expect from this update.

Assistive writing features in Google Docs 

Using AI-powered functionality in Google Docs, the platform helps create a more efficient and effective experience.

Earlier this year, Google launched Smart Compose in Gmail, which uses Google AI to suggest complete sentences while emails are being drafted. With Smart Compose saving Gmail users from typing more than 2 billion characters each week, according to the release, Google decided to bring Smart Compose to Google Docs. When users type in Google Docs, Smart Compose functionality will suggest ways to complete the sentence being typed. 

  • Cut down on grammatical and spelling errors

This new feature builds upon a tool also introduced earlier this year. In April, Google brought grammar check to Google Docs, but this latest update will use neural networks technology to make the grammar check even more specialized. Google will also bring spelling autocorrect to Docs. With the power of Google Search, the intelligent feature will constantly learn new words and phrases that will inform spelling suggestions in documents. 

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