Duck Duck Go offers Mac users even more privacy

People are finally waking up to the importance of privacy and the risk of entities over whom we have no control hoovering up the details of our digital lives, and that’s why the latest news from Duck Duck Go is so worthwhile.

Apple’s good privacy just got better

We know Apple is working to protect privacy – its newly updated privacy website shares a huge amount of information on its efforts, while the newly-published Safari white paper confirms the browser’s privacy protections include (among other things):

  • Protection from cross-site tracking.
  • Ad measurement tools that respect user privacy.
  • Secure payments.
  • Sign-in with Apple.
  • Privacy-focused extensions.

The white paper also discusses Safari Extensions, a feature the company has developed with privacy in mind.

This is why you are told what information extensions can access when installed, and also why developers of content-blocking solutions aren’t actually able to access your browsing data. It is also why Apple continues its work to ensure AI-based decisions take place on your device, rather than in the cloud.

Duck Duck Go launches better privacy for Macs

Safari Extensions is also where Duck Duck Go comes in. The private-by-design search engine has introduced its new Privacy Essentials extension for Safari users on Catalina. You can get it on the App Store. iPad and iPhone users can use the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for iOS.

The Safari browser extension for macOS includes a range of useful privacy protections, including third-party tracker blocking and a privacy dashboard.