Blackberry refreshes its UEM suite, focuses on zero-trust access

BlackBerry has unveiled several updates to its enterprise mobility security platform, offering three new UEM peoducts aimed at enabling secure access to tools, applications and files based on a zero-trust architecture.

The trio of new suites are add-ons to BlackBerry’s flagship Enterprise Mobility Suite, aimed at enhancing productivity, collaboration and workforce agility.

Zero trust is an enterprise security architecture or network where there is never a “default trust” option that automatically trusts people or systems; instead it requires a form of verification for any attempt to access business systems.

Zero trust relies on multifactor authentication, analytics, encryption and file system-level permissions; it includes dynamic enforcement of access rules, not only for a user’s identity but also for their device and the context in which they’re attempting access. The result is that users are given the minimum amount of access to accomplish a specific task.

The new BlackBerry Secure UEM & Productivity Suites come in three versions.

The Choice Suite allows IT admins to manage all devices and apps, across platforms and device ownership models. The single platform streamlines device management and simplifies IT and end user experiences, according to BlackBerry.