Black Friday TV guide: are supermarket TVs ever worth it?

There are plenty of avenues to get TVs these days, whether you’re pacing the stacks of shelves in a local retailer or absent-mindedly clicking whatever Black Friday TV deal comes up on your Google newsfeed. But if you are eyeing up a supermarket television this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, is it really the way to go?

The past couple of decades has seen traditional supermarkets vastly expand the kind of products they offer, moving from groceries to clothing ranges, kitchenware, 4K Blu-rays and video games, and even electronic devices such as brand new televisions.

You won’t get every new TV in your local supermarket, though, as its only specific types of TV brands that tend to offer their wares in that environment. People tend to have a specific budget in mind when they walk in with their shopping list, and there’s a limit to how much they’ll spend there – while the truly high-end televisions out there, whether QLED, LCD, or the best OLED TVs, tend to be available through specialist retailers who know the ins and outs of the gadgets they’re selling.

So, what supermarket TVs can you buy, where are should you get them, and is it a sensible purchase for your home?

Supermarket TVs: what and where?

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What supermarket TVs are available? There are a number of budget TV manufacturers that tend to target these retailers, such as Walmart and Target (in the US) or Asda, Tesco and Aldi (in the UK).

These TV brands include the likes of Polaroid, Onn,…