Black Friday 2020: The best deals on Apple products

Apple doesn’t need the Black Friday fray–everyone wants its products–but some retailers still have great deals on your favorite Apple must-haves.


This year, Black Friday is going to be primarily online, and–thanks to the preferred product (tech, of course!) and the convenient medium of the internet–most shoppers will not have to resort to the usual Black Friday plebeian behavior to secure the best deals on Apple products. Apple is notorious about not having heavy discounts on its products, but there are deals worth your attention.

Check yourself before you wreck your bank account on Black Friday deals

Be aware that some deals have already begun and what’s included here are goodies that are either available now or will become available on Black Friday. Some retailers consider Black Friday as “after 10 pm Nov. 27” online, and after 6 pm Thanksgiving day. Before you hand over (or type in) your credit card info, check that you’re getting the deal as advertised. Deals can vary depending on whether you’re buying online and what day or time you access the deal.

In most states, Best Buy will open at 2 pm Thanksgiving day. Target opens at 5 pm Thanksgiving day and closes at 1 am Friday, reopening at 7 am the same day. (Online sales may begin earlier.)

Know the Black Friday lingo

Black Friday deals dubbed doorbusters are usually in actual retail stores. Often, these deals are very discounted and are available in a limited supply. While they may be enticing, it’s not worth risking life and limb to claim a doorbuster.

Early Black Friday ban

Did you know that in Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, Black Friday sales are prohibited on Thanksgiving day? But after the clock strikes midnight and Nov. 29 is officially ushered in, all bets are off.