Best R packages for data import, data wrangling & data visualization

dplyr data wrangling, data analysis The essential data-munging R package when working with data frames. Especially useful for operating on data by categories. CRAN. See the intro vignette Hadley Wickham purrr data wrangling purrr makes it easy to apply a function to each item in a list and return results in the format of your choice. It’s more complex to learn than the older plyr package, but also more robust. And, its functions are more standardized than base R’s apply family — plus it’s got functions for tasks like error-checking. CRAN. map_df(mylist, myfunction)
More: Charlotte Wickham’s purr tutorial video, the purrr cheat sheet PDF download. Hadley Wickham readxl data import Fast way to read Excel files in R, without dependencies such as Java. CRAN. read_excel(“my-spreadsheet.xls”, sheet = 1) Hadley Wickham