Apple updates its privacy pages, and you should take a look

Apple has updated its Privacy website and published several white papers explaining its approach to the topic and how its products protect your privacy.

Apple is offering more information than ever

The updated website delivers much more information than before with a broad overview of what the company is doing. It includes pages detailing features and controls as well as its privacy policy and transparency report. 

The site also offers a selection of approachable white papers that explain how the privacy controls in Safari, Location Services, Photos and Sign-in With Apple work. These contain a huge amount of information on Apple and its services.

Hey Siri, spell ‘debacle’

Apple likes to update users with more information concerning its ongoing attempts to protect user privacy annually, but the update is particularly significant this year following the debacle around Siri grading.

Since that story broke, Apple has taken steps to make the Siri grading process more transparent and to give users more control.

Not only can you now prevent the process completely, but you can also delete any recordings Siri’s system may have on you. The company has also taken the grading process in-house.