Apple seems to have its eyes on the road (map) for iPhone processors

TSMC is now Apple’s primary processor manufacturing partner, churning out 7-nanometer A13 chips for iPhones – and may be producing 3-nanometer chips for iPhones by 2023.

What’s in a nanometer?

A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. It’s the unit of measurement used to show the distance between the transistors that comprise the processor.

The smaller the number of nanometers the higher the number of transistors you can squeeze onto one chip.

The result?

Faster processors that are also more energy efficient.

Rapid iMovement

Apple’s chip designs have led the industry for years. It has been developing ARM-based processors since 2007, ramped this up with the A4 and again with its A6 chips and pushed it even further in 2016 with the A10 chip.