Apple plans its own Mac processors, report claims

The idea that Apple intends to migrate Macs to its own presumably ARM-based processors isn’t new, but the speculation has been boosted by the latest report – from Bloomberg – to make this claim.

Apple’s 2020 vision comes into view

The report offers other tantalizing claims around the company’s vision for 2020:

  • Apple has “targeted” 2020 launch of its AR headset.
  • The company is expected to launch a 5G iPhone.
  • Sleep tracking for Apple Watch will arrive.

The piece culminates in a reprisal of previous claims from the same source that Apple may announce Macs that run on its own proprietary processors. That speculation has erupted intermittently for years, with Bloomberg seemingly particularly enthusiastic about the notion – it has been making similar claims since 2012.

There’s a logic to this. Apple CEO Tim Cook has gone on record to state that his company needs to “own and control the primary technologies behind the products that we make.”

History is everything

A move to migrate the Mac platform to ARM makes sense, particularly if you think about the history of Apple’s dependency on third parties for its processors.

Most recently, Apple’s huge public fight with Samsung helped force the company to find other suppliers for its own iPhone/iPad chips; while in the dim distant dawn of Apple time, the failure of the AIM (Apple, IBM, Motorola) to match pace with Intel processor development almost killed the entire Mac platform.